ICT for Teachers
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Following the curriculum that was revised under the Ministry of General Education that has an emphasis of the inclusion of ICT as a subject and sub topic in some other subjects, this course is aimed at empowering inservice and trained teachers ranging from certificate in teaching to be able to train learners in schools. The programme is currently running on Open Distance and Flexible learning and Full Time. Every academic year comprises of 3 residentials for 2 weeks during General schools holidays for ODFL.

This course is structured in such a way that ICT knowledge and skill acquired will enable learners become innovative and creative in the provision of ICT subjects and topics to the would be pupils .



1 year 6 months For In-service

3 years For non In-service Students

  1. Fundamentals of Information Technology and office productivity software tools
  2. Computer programming and website development
  3. Computer Networking
  4. IT Security management
  5. Fundamentals of management of information systems.


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